Why It is Important to Clean Your Refrigerator’s Condenser Coils

A properly functioning refrigerator is essential for convenience, maximum culinary enjoyment, and, most importantly, food safety. However, many homeowners take their refrigerators for granted and overlook crucial maintenance steps—until they notice that the fridge is no longer cooling their food to the desired temperature. One way to keep your fridge running in prime condition for years to come is to ensure that its condenser coils are cleaned regularly.

Importance of Cleaning Your Refrigerator’s Condenser Coils

To realize the importance of cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils, it helps to understand how refrigerators work. A common misconception about these essential appliances is that they produce cold air in order to keep the contents cool. In reality, refrigerators function like the human body in some ways—and the condenser coils are akin to the lungs. A substance called refrigerant flows from the compressor through the fridge’s interior and exterior coils, transforming from a gas to a liquid and back again as it travels. As the refrigerant evaporates into a gaseous state, it absorbs warm air inside the freezer. This warm air is “exhaled” through the condenser coils, thereby transferring the warmth to the space outside the refrigerator. This process repeats until the desired temperatures are reached inside the fridge and freezer.

The condenser coils are generally located either along the front side of the bottom of the refrigerator or on its back side. They are prone to collecting dust, pet hair, and other debris, which can prevent the refrigerator from releasing heat effectively. Over time, this strain requires the compressor to run longer and consume more energy—ultimately truncating the refrigerator’s lifespan. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the condenser coils clean in order to minimize stress on the compressor and other electronic components in the refrigerator.

Experts recommend cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils at least once per year, or more frequently if you have long-haired pets. Cleaning the coils requires a special brush and certain safety precautions. The best way to ensure that your refrigerator’s condenser coils are cleaned properly and with the requisite frequency is to consult an appliance professional who is skilled in refrigerator repair and maintenance. At Phoenix Appliance Services, our preventative maintenance services will keep your condenser coils clean and your refrigerator in sound operating condition, thereby maximizing its lifespan—and your return on investment. We have experience working with numerous different refrigerator brands and models. Call us today at (602) 330-6920, or request a free quote (https://fastphoenixappliancerepair.com/#req_quote) online!

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